My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

December 2012

Arrivederci Roma for 2012

Today is my last day in Rome for 2012 and I must say, leaving this city never gets easier for me. But I am so excited to be going home for Christmas and to become an aunt for the first time! In times of travel, change or departure you look back and reflect. And doing so on the last year in Rome, I can really only smile. Of course there

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Rome Restaurant Week Continues: Metamorfosi

I don’t venture to the Parioli neighbourhood of Rome that often, so let’s say that when I do, I make it count. I dined with my favourite fellow Rome blogger and friend, Browsing Rome on Friday at the acclaimed Metamorfosi. And what an experience it was. From the crisp, clean and stylish ambience to the impeccable service, to most importantly – the fine, fine food. Here the plates are crafted

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