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Last Angelus & Conclave

You may or may not be interested in the fact that there has been a sede vacante (vacant seat – basically no pope!) at the Vatican for a couple of weeks now. This has not really impacted my life one bit, but I appreciate that the first Pope to resign in centuries is of historic significance. Two weekends ago, Pope Benedict delivered his last Angelus in St Peter’s square and

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Republic Day in Rome – a Reduced Affair in 2012

Today is a national public holiday in Italy and marks the 66th anniversary of the declaration of the Italian republic. But with the country in economic (moral, political & social!) turmoil, recent mafia related bombing in Brindisi in the south and a devestating earthquake rocking Emilia Romagna in the north, there really doesn’t feel much to celebrate today. To that end, planned annual celebrations here in Rome have been significantly

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Sombre Weekend in Italy: Bomb Attack & Earthquake

Italy’s southern and northern regions have this weekend been devastated by two separate tragic events – one man-made, one natural. From what I can tell, news of a bombing at a vocational school in Brindisi, in south Italy (region of Puglia) yesterday morning has not made many international headlines. So for those of you who may not have heard, 16 year old student Melissa Bassi was killed in an unprovoked

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The Future of Italy: Politics, Culture & the Economy

Some of you know that my background lies not in writing, food or travel as this blog would suggest, but in political science, history and policy development. My ‘nerdy side’ – as I like to refer to it – comes out every now and then and I was about as excited as I get when trying a new gelato when I saw the advertisement for the American Academy in Rome’s

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To Rome With Love

Woody Allen’s latest film, To Rome With Love fittingly had its world premiere in Rome on Friday night. The red carpet event was held at the Hotel Parco dei Principi, which is a five-star luxury hotel located near Villa Borghese with beautiful views of St Peter’s Basilica (www.parcodeiprincipi.com). The romantic comedy stars Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Italian actor Roberto Begnini (of Life is Beautiful fame), Australia’s very own

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Italy and the football world in mourning

All football in Italy was suspended this weekend after the sudden the death of Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini. Only 25 years old, he collapsed on the pitch during a Serie B game in Pescara and was later pronounced dead in hospital. He had been playing with Livorno on loan from Serie A side Udinese. As you know I don’t generally blog about sad things nor am I a news source.

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Italy says no to Rome’s 2020 Olympic bid

It was just announced by Italy’s Premier Mario Monti, that the Italian Government will not support the city of Rome’s bid for the 2020 Olympic Games – and for good reason. You may have noticed that the country is sort of in the midst of a little financial crisis! And with the bid estimated to set Italy back approximately €12.5 billion, the decision is obviously being hailed by many economists

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Snow in the eternal city

As I sit outdoors in Melbourne at 1am and the temperature hovers around 20 degrees celsius (after peaking at almost 30 during the day), it’s hard to imagine that it is actually snowing in my other home town of Rome right now! Yes – snowing! And yes, this is strange! While this would not make news in any other northern hemisphere European capital, snow in Rome is about as rare

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Rome Riots 2011

A BIG thank you to everyone for the messages of concern over the riots that sadly took place in the centre of Rome yesterday. I’m obviously ok and was not affected – other than having to walk about 40 minutes from one side of the city to my apartment because of road closures and major disruptions to the metro and all transport. As I hadn’t caught the news for a

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