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Venice: Fairytales, Dreams and Eating Like a Local

Venice. Is there any other place in the world like it? I’ve visited maybe 5 or 6 times but in all honesty, it’s never been the kind of city that had me think, “Gee I wish I lived here”. On this most recent visit, I realised why. I managed to articulate why living in a city like Venice seemed, well not unattractive, just not really all that feasible. In a

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Rome Tram Tracks: a night in Rome you won’t forget

Last Monday, my week commenced like no other. I attended a Rome Tram Tracks event. Hosted by my friend Domenico and Marco, this event is beyond unique. It’s basically an aperitivo on board a vintage Rome tram. But this isn’t just any old tram. And nobody but Tram Tracks will have you eating, drinking, singing and dancing with the moving backdrop of some of Rome’s most historic and beautiful monuments.

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Haus Garten – Rome’s New Bagel Bar

Last week Haus Garten opened in Rome’s Prati / Delle Vittorie area claiming to be one of the first ‘bagel bars’ in the city. I love trying a new place so I checked it out tonight with a friend. Located pretty much on the lungotevere (along the river) the atmosphere is fun and relaxed with a garden style theme, as the name suggests. Shabby-chic is what I think this style

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My new fave in Prati: Sorpasso

A friend told me about Sorpasso in Prati (the area around the Vatican) about a year ago. It took me that long to get there and boy do we have a lot of lost time to make up for! I first dined here at lunch a few weeks ago and finally this week went back for an aperitivo slash light dinner. What can I say about Sorpasso other than it’s

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For a little Rome-ance in Rome

This week, I had the fortunate privilege of being taken out for an aperitivo at the Roof Garden bar of the 5 star, Hotel de la Minerve in Rome. This hotel sits within a 16th century mansion and the bar and restaurant offer unrivaled and stunning views of the Pantheon and Roman rooftops. It’s literally around the corner from Piazza della Rotonda, the square in which the Pantheon sits. Aperitivo

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Aperitivo Update: Doppiozeroo in Ostiense

Just up the road from my current home in Rome is Doppiozeroo – a very modern looking restaurant and wine bar. In English this means double zero (00) and given they make pizza – and lots of it – I believe the reference is to 00 flour, the Italian all purpose flour used for pasta, pizza, the works. My friend and I headed there for an impromptu aperitivo last night. Being

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Starting again in the eternal city

I landed in Rome tonight and the feeling of excitement and pure happiness I get when the plane hits the tarmac at Fiumicino never seems to wane. Like I’ve said before ti allarga il cuore – it makes your heart sing. That is until: 1) The guy at customs doesn’t even look me in the eye and just scans my passport without stamping it (my heart actually sank – this

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Rome in pictures

As the sayings go, ‘a picture tells a 1000 words’ or ‘every picture tells a story’. So here is a collection of some of my fave pictures of the past few months. Collectively they do tell a story – they tell my story of living in my Rome and I will cherish them always! Will keep adding as I go… Enjoy! ; ; Autumn has well and truly set in

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How we drink in Roma

While the Milanesi can certainly take credit for bringing the aperitivo to Italy, you definitely have to hand it to the Romans for transforming happy hour time into something chic. Aperitivo or the aperitif as it’s referred to in English, is literally an alcoholic beverage taken before dinner. But in Italy, it’s much much more than that! The concept is similar to happy hour but it’s not a two-for-one type

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