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Putting Abruzzo on the map

As is the case around most of Abruzzo, the drive into the hamlets and towns of Chieti province can be a bumpy one. Many of the roads around here aren’t really taken care of. Many of the buildings look abandoned or are in need of repair and it’s as though life just keeps passing them by.  Abruzzo from an economic standpoint is one of Italy’s struggling regions. Yes, Italy has

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The photos that will make you want to visit Chieti Province, Abruzzo right now

You know my parents were born in Abruzzzo right? It’s in my blood; it’s in my heart. And slowly it’s becoming a destination of choice for travellers to Italy who are looking to explore Italy that bit further beneath the surface. From UNESCO heritage sites, lakes, mountains, beach, it really offers it all as a destination (and it’s much cheaper than say a Tuscany or Puglia).  I recently explored the

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