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Rome’s Comedy Club is back.. All shiny & new!

Marsha. Josephine. De Salvatore. I gotta agree with Marsha. Growing up as a 1st generation Calabrian American in Ohio with a name like that? You’re bound to have comedy material to last a lifetime! Marsha moved to Rome over 10 years ago and while she dabbles in a whole lot of things here in the eternal city, performing – acting and comedy – is her true passion. And she’s great

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To Rome With Love

Woody Allen’s latest film, To Rome With Love fittingly had its world premiere in Rome on Friday night. The red carpet event was held at the Hotel Parco dei Principi, which is a five-star luxury hotel located near Villa Borghese with beautiful views of St Peter’s Basilica (www.parcodeiprincipi.com). The romantic comedy stars Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Italian actor Roberto Begnini (of Life is Beautiful fame), Australia’s very own

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