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Gelato in Rome

My gelato pics have been getting a bit of buzz on social media lately so thought I would share some of them on here with you all. I’m a dessert person (as many of you will know or have guessed) but gelato was never really my thing. Until I moved to Italy that is. I don’t really discriminate (well it has to be real deal gelato of course) but in

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Co.So – Enter Rome Cocktail Heaven

I’ve just experienced one of Rome’s newest bars in Pigneto – Co.So: Cocktails and Social. It’s a Thursday night – a school night – and when it was time to go home, I really didn’t want to leave. And now I’m sitting here planning when to go back! Walking in, the first thing you see are some colourful bean bags that line the floor and a modern looking bar decked

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Tiramisu… Roman style

Some of you may or may not find this interesting or of any real significance. However – those of you who know me well will appreciate the excitement I felt when tonight I finally visited Bar Pompi – Il Regno del Tiramisu (which literally means Tiramisu Kingdom or House of Tiramisu I guess). A life without dessert, for me, is pretty much a life not worth living! And as I

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