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Seasonal dining. A Rome Review: Zest Bar & Restaurant, Radisson Blu Es.

Food in Italy is dictated by seasons. Whatever is fresh and in season is generally what you see on menus. In Rome, you don’t even have to know what month it is to easily work it out by walking past your local trattoria and seeing what’s on the board. For instance, I know it’s winter when I see puntarelle (locally grown endive) and spring and summer when I see eggplants

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10 recent Rome dining experiences

Between social gatherings and friends being in town, as usual, I’ve had my fair share of eating out over the past few weeks. While returning to some old faves, I also checked out a few new places which is always nice. Here’s a round-up of 10 of my most recent experiences – all good, some downright amazing! (Of course La Pergola doesn’t make this list with a well deserved dedicated

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Rome Markets: Update

I blogged a little while ago about top markets in Rome and today I have another to add to the list. The market of Piazza Vittorio (also known as Esquilino market) is no longer located in the Piazza itself but just a few streets over in a permanent market structure. My roommate introduced me to the place and for a second on arrival, I was transported to my early travelling

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