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What you really should know if you call yourself a “foodie”

I don’t love the word foodie. But only because it’s used so liberally nowadays that sometimes it makes even me cringe a little. Yet for the purposes of this article, here it is and quite frankly, if you either work in the food sector, in social media or write about food it’s a term very hard not to use. Because everyone nowadays is a foodie. But what does that mean.

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Noma: The night I flew to Copenhagen for dinner with strangers

Have you ever done something crazy? Like really crazy?  This is the story of an Australian girl in Rome and an English girl in Amsterdam who meet in Copenhagen to make their foodie dreams come true.  When I met Vicky Hampton – the brainchild behind the incredible foodie site Amsterdam Foodie – a few years ago, I just knew good things would happen to me.  And by good things I mean

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The 25 HeartRome Dining Highlights of 2015 

To say I had some unforgettable dining experiences in 2015 would be an understatement. I work in food tourism, I blog about food and travel and eat for a living. I was also given the honour this year of reviewing around 40+ Rome restaurants (in less than 40 days) for a world renowned travel guide (due to be published in May 2016 and more to be announced in due course).

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Melbourne Dining: Cutler & Co

Yes I come back to Melbourne every year to see my family and friends and spend the holidays with them. And yes I also come home to eat! Melbourne is a melting pot of cuisine and is Australia’s dining capital. Chefs from around the world have even set up camp here of late – from Heston Blumenthal to the guys from Sweden’s, Noma. Just about every cuisine to fusion twists

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Bolognese, Tortellini, Lasagne. Hello Bologna!

While the golden triangle of Milan, Turin and Genoa is known globally as Italy’s industrial beating heart, Bologna and surrounds are known for food. The region of Emilia-Romagna is without doubt, Italy’s gastronomic heartland. It’s the motherland of homemade pasta. Bologna is home to the single most internationally marketed Italian dish of all time, bolognese. And the region is home to Italy’s most exported DOP goods (DOP is the Italian

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Eating my way around London

While in London on business last week I got to sample the Eating Italy Food Tours’, British cousin: Eating London. And I have to say from the outset, if you’re headed there anytime soon and having trouble deciding on unique things to do or trawling through the many London tours on offer, please don’t hesitate to book this. Gosh it was nice to be back in London town. As an

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I Cento di Roma: Launch of Rome’s Newest Culinary Guide

One of the perks of working in the food sector (apart from the blatantly obvious) is being invited to an industry event. And last night it was a special one. I’d read many reviews of Cesare al Casaletto– a roman trattoria in the neighbourhood of Monte Verde – so when the lovely Nerina Di Nunzio of Food Confidential invited me to the launch of I Cento di Roma (Top 100

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Taste of Roma 2013

I know I haven’t been with you for a while (more on HeartRome-hits-USA later) so thought I’d come back to you with a bit of a bang. Be warned: these pics might make you want to hop on a plane and join me in Rome immediately! Today I attended Taste of Roma – a festival of food, showcasing some of Rome’s best chefs. The three day event was held on

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Rome Food & Wine Festival: Eataly

Eataly. Eat and Italy = Eataly. Need I say more? A few weeks back I attended the inaugural Rome Food and Wine Festival held at Eataly. The 3 day event featured 15 award winning chefs and 60 wines to taste and transformed the third floor of this mega food store into foodie heaven. Receiving a media pass for the duration of the festival, I did my best to sample everything

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