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15 photos that will convince you to visit Riga

Having travelled quite extensively through southern, western and Mediterranean Europe, this summer my sister and I decided to visit some Eastern European capitals. This part of the world has a rich and fascinating history that spans various wars and political upheaval – the impact of which can be felt today. From art nouveau to Russian cuisine to contemporary Latvian dining and rooftop cocktails. Passionfruit eclairs to colourful buildings to a

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The photos that show you another another side of Tuscany: Monte Argentario

Someone mentions Tuscany and what do you think ok? Renaissance and over crowded Florence. Rolling hills and scenes from Under the Tuscan Sun. Chianti wine.  But what if I told you there was such a thing as a Tuscan archipelago, quaint fishing villages and islands surrounded by waters that rival the Caribbean? And I’m not kidding!  Monte Argentario is a promontory that stretches out into the Tyrennian Sea. Connected to

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Living La Dolce Vita: What to do around Rome’s Via Veneto

It’s only natural that if you’re in the market for a little old-school and decadent dolce vita for your Roman Holiday, you’ll want to stay along the famed Via Veneto. While this area of town is often touted by locals as one to be avoided for various reasons, it’s where the majority of the eternal city’s 5 star hotels are located. The area might not be buzzing at night like

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