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Italian Lakes and spa day: Sirmione

Thousands of visitors descend on Lake Garda daily especially in the warmer months and it’s not at all hard to understand why. This is Italy’s largest lake and the district evokes a magical sense of Italian dolce vita that’s different from the coast. Located in the province of Brescia, half hours drive from Verona and less than 2 hours from Milan, Sirmione is all you’d want in a lake town and

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A Swim in the Lake and Melting Gelato: Summer is coming!

Here in the northern hemisphere, June 20 will mark the summer solstice. Sounds fancy, but it basically means the official start of summer. But it seems as though estate is already just about here in Rome. And this is how I can tell. Dip in the lake! With temperatures hitting 30 degrees (I only do celsius people!) this weekend, swimming was not only an option, it became a necessity! So

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