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500 year anniversary of Raphael’s death in Rome

Rome was set to celebrate one of the art world’s biggest anniversary years. But like many plans for 2020, the pause button has been hit. Read on for how you can still enjoy the occasion. First things first though. What’s the link between Rome and Raphael? Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino wasn’t born in Rome but the city became his home and his muse at a very young age. He spent

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Dining at the Guggenheim Museum: Bilbao’s Nerua Restaurant

I knew that I would be eating well in Basque Country. After eating our way around San Sebastián, my sister and I made our way to Bilbao to spend a culturally, foodie weekend with a friend. What I didn’t expect, was Nerua. As I always do, I was reading about some places to eat before arriving and came across it. Located in the Guggenheim, museum of contemporary art, it has

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