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La Pajata Returns to Rome: A Guide to (the real) Roman Cuisine 

La Pajata has finally returned to roman menus. I don’t like the dish but I’m a traditionalist and like to see cucina romana (roman cuisine) and culinary traditions preserved. So, what exactly is La Pajata, you may be thinking?  It’s a dish prepared with the intestines of unweaned baby calves. So given they’ve only been feeding off their mothers milk, their intestines are full of the stuff and when cooked

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La Pajata – I am now truly Roman

One of my Roman friends kept telling me that my adoption by the city of Rome was just not complete until I tried an ancient delicacy of Roman cuisine – La Pajata. Well last night, ladies and gentlemen… I was baptised! And today it’s a whole new world. Oh and not only did I eat it, I had it in my own house, cooked by a Roman and pre-prepared by

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