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Laudemio & Tordomatto: an EVO match made in heaven

I just want to say upfront that up until what seems like only a little while ago it was fine to refer to extra virgin olive oil as – extra virgin olive oil. But now – like most things – it has been abbreviated to an acronym: EVO. Because, let’s face it: who has time to pronounce three words anyway! And now on the topic of EVO – meet Laudemio.

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Italy Food Roots take you to the real foodies

I use olive oil or consume it just about every day. In fact, I’m sure most of you do. But after my recent Italy Food Roots tour I will never think about it in the same way. Last weekend I attended their Olive Oil Grove & Mill Tour in north east Lazio. Founded by friends Louise and Adam earlier this year, the aim of the initiative is to promote the

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