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Rome’s Comedy Club is back.. All shiny & new!

Marsha. Josephine. De Salvatore. I gotta agree with Marsha. Growing up as a 1st generation Calabrian American in Ohio with a name like that? You’re bound to have comedy material to last a lifetime! Marsha moved to Rome over 10 years ago and while she dabbles in a whole lot of things here in the eternal city, performing – acting and comedy – is her true passion. And she’s great

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10 recent Rome dining experiences

Between social gatherings and friends being in town, as usual, I’ve had my fair share of eating out over the past few weeks. While returning to some old faves, I also checked out a few new places which is always nice. Here’s a round-up of 10 of my most recent experiences – all good, some downright amazing! (Of course La Pergola doesn’t make this list with a well deserved dedicated

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Aperitivo Update: Doppiozeroo in Ostiense

Just up the road from my current home in Rome is Doppiozeroo – a very modern looking restaurant and wine bar. In English this means double zero (00) and given they make pizza – and lots of it – I believe the reference is to 00 flour, the Italian all purpose flour used for pasta, pizza, the works. My friend and I headed there for an impromptu aperitivo last night. Being

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Starting again in the eternal city

I landed in Rome tonight and the feeling of excitement and pure happiness I get when the plane hits the tarmac at Fiumicino never seems to wane. Like I’ve said before ti allarga il cuore – it makes your heart sing. That is until: 1) The guy at customs doesn’t even look me in the eye and just scans my passport without stamping it (my heart actually sank – this

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