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Why I love Trastevere

You haven’t been reading my blog or following me on one of my social media platforms if by now you don’t know. I love Trastevere. Before I moved to Rome, despite having visiting probably more than 20 times it wasn’t really an area of the city I had explored much. In fact, I wanted to live somewhere in centro like Monti (near the Colosseum) or off one of the beautiful

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Rome’s I Parioli – No Trastevere for me!

On a warm sunny spring Sunday I ventured into what for me was the unknown… Unchartered territory… The famous residential elegance of Rome.. Melbourne people think Toorak. Sydney, Vaucluse. New York, Upper East Side. Londoners, think Mayfair! I visited – or should I say, experienced – I Parioli, for my personal trainer’s Memorial Day BBQ! Yep! You heard it here my followers… Somehow I ended up in Rome.. with an

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