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My European Summer in a Nutshell

Please please please dont think I’ve been ignoring you.. I’ve had one of the most frenetic but fun filled summers of my life! As you know, my entire family from Australia came to visit me in my new home town this year and I got to travel with them for a few weeks. I’m truly blessed for this opportunity. It’s not everyday that this happens and I know that years

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Santorini: How I Kicked Off My Summer

11 years Santorini. 11 years is a long time between drinks. I came to this island as a very young adult over a decade ago and was taken by her beauty. As (I’d like to say!) a much more mature and widely travelled adult I returned this month to kickoff my summer holidays and found Santorini to be more beautiful than I remember. You just become mesmerised by the sheer

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