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FishHub: Casual seafood dining in the heart of the city

Tonight I was chatting to my girlfriends about crudi (raw seafood from tartare to carpaccio and beyond) and how outside of Italy, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when one things of cuisine on the boot-shaped peninsula. While fishing towns and coastal regions from Campania to Puglia in south Italy have had a long history of eating fresh, raw seafood in a variety of ways, this recent

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Chinappi: Seafood feasting in the heart of Rome 

Recently I had a very special seafood feast. I wasn’t at beach or holidaying on the coast. I was right by Piazza Fiume in central north Rome at Chinappi; a local family-run institution for many years – one I hadn’t come across in my food adventures across the eternal city! With a restaurant and fish supply from the coastal town of Lazio’s Formia and beyond, owners, Stefano and Elena make you feel

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Where to eat & drink in Gallipoli (in Italy!)

Many of my Australian followers, upon hearing I was traveling to Gallipoli, thought of the Turkey one (Australia and Gallipoli, Turkey have a long and quite emotional history and connection). I did the same thing about 10 years ago when a friend first told me about it. She said to me: it’s all white buildings and amazing beaches. It’s the south of the south; where all the Italians spend their

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Molo10: Seafood and beach clubbing in Rome

So I found a cure for Monday-itis and you should try it. It’s called: an 8 course seafood lunch at Rome’s Molo10. I swear, not only was I blown away by freshness and creativeness of the plates, the friendly attentiveness of the staff, the casual nautical boat house kinda beach club feel, but it put me in a top mood to face the rest of the week. If you’re not from

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10 Things to Eat and Drink in Agrigento, Sicily

Sicily is one of my favourite regions in Italy for food. While so many regions have unique culinary traditions borne from rich local produce, there’s just something about Sicilian cuisine that makes my mouth water even just writing about it! Culturally diverse, the cuisine has Greek, Middle Eastern and African influences and changes from city to city, town to town.  On the island’s south-west coast, Agrigento’s cuisine is about as

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Tricolore Monti: Seafood Cooking Course

Last week I was one of the last people to participate in a cooking course at the Tricolore Monti cooking school. Monti is the 12th rione (district) of Rome sitting in the shadow of that little old amphitheatre called the Colosseum. The school has now sadly closed. Well actually, the business has gone back to what it started out as – a gourmet panini shop (which I’m yet to try!)

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Gaeta: Pearl of Lazio’s coastline

Last weekend I finally made the trek down to Gaeta. This most beautiful seaside resort is in the Lazio province of Latina and is situated 120km south of Rome and only 80km north of Naples. My friend who lives in Rome is from the town and for months – almost a year even – we have been planning this weekend away and it finally happened! And with perfect timing. Rome

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Seafood feast fit for a King (or Queen)!

Don’t you love going out for dinner with friends? What makes it so enjoyable of course, is great company, food and wine and atmosphere (oh and did I mention good wine?). We had this tonight in droves. A friend of mine organised a dinner at L’Allegro (the happy one in English) – owned by his friend Davide who is Roman but with Sardinian heritage. So at 9pm (average dinner time

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