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5 Secret Rome tips you’ll find in the Le Guide Repubblica’s: Maxima (English edition)

I am extremely happy to see Le Guide Repubblica – Italy’s premiere city and food guides by national news outlet, La Repubblica – move into the English market. The release of their first English-language guide, Maxima demonstrates that Rome is becoming more and more cosmopolitan and international by nature and La Repubblica is leading the way in being responsive to this.Group photo by the talented Rowena Dumlao-Giardina, The Chosen TableAt

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Why Milan is cooler than ever

Writing this post, I gave myself the challenge of describing Milan in three words that justifiably contradict the three words that are often used (dull, grey and boring). So, I’d like to start off by describing Milan as sophisticated, sexy and stylish. Yes – this is Italy’s business HQ and in comparing it to the capital, Italians often say “Rome is Italy, Milan is Europe“, a direct reference to the

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New York Food & Travel Guide… for when you’ve been before

New York. New York New York. Ol’ blue eyes sure got it in one when he sang: “…A city that never sleeps.”. Throw a borderline-insomniac-adrenalin freak like me into the mix and you can bet that the first time (and the second and third) I visited the big apple I hardly shut eye!     I’ve always said you feel like you’re in the centre of the universe when you’re in Manhattan. It

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Published firsts: Rome & Civitavecchia

As you all know I recently started writing for 10 Best, a subsidiary of USA Today travel. I will publish the links to pieces that I’ve written so stay tuned. My first article was a suggested itinerary for first time Rome visitors. I had a lot if fun putting this together and it got me thinking about my first visit to the eternal city which was around 12 years ago

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One day in Milan

Milan. Probably one of the most underrated and overlooked cities of Italy. Perhaps because it is known the world over for its origins in industry. In a sense, it is the commercial capital of Italy. The business centre. And granted, to an outsider that might not scream ‘sexy!’ But there’s just so much to like about it. Style. Fashion. Art. History. It has a cosmopolitan feel. It’s the most ‘rat-race’

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What Sundays in Rome are made of

I absolutely love Sundays in Rome. It’s the day where you really take it easy. It’s a day I like to spend with friends. Usually a brunch or lunch and a site or two, an exhibition maybe or a movie. Anything goes really. Now for me, Rome is beautiful all the time. But boy does she shine in the sun! And today was something special. We got a glimpse of

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Vogue Rome Fashion Night Out

Tonight I attended a very special event in Rome: the 2012 Vogue Fashion Night Out. (And with the roman, “Aooo bella’s” I received as I was on my way, I believe my look was up to scratch for the stylish occasion! :-)) Early in the evening the Spanish Steps turned into an open air catwalk with models showcasing the wares of internationally famous and up and coming fashion houses. The

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On an afternoon in Monti

Yesterday was Rome’s 2,765th Birthday. In fact celebrations will continue throughout today also. So yesterday I woke up and thought how do I want to spend Rome’s birthday? Well it started with a trip to my hairdressers (in Trastevere) and a walk around the neighborhood visiting old friends and neighbors. Then I headed to Monti. This characteristic rione (this means district, of which there are 12 in the city) of

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Rome Markets: My Top 5 Picks

Nothing screams life more than visiting a market in Rome! Lively and colorful I love walking through a mercato in Rome and getting lost in the sights, smells and sounds. They provide a snapshot into the life of local Roman traders. In fact, nothing is more entertaining than watching the sometimes explosive interaction between stall holders, butchers or fish mongers (all in a tirade of beautiful Roman dialect or Romanaccio)

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A Roman in Budapest

Two weeks ago I left Rome for a mini break up north to Budapest. With its reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, I’d been dying to visit for years. And it did not disappoint. Like most European capitals the cityscape is low rise. The Danube River divides the city centre with Pest on one side (the more commercial, political and financial centre) and Buda (kind of

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