My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

June 2012

Eataly opens in Rome

I just about died and went to food heaven tonight. If you’re anti corporate, anti food malls or just anti commercial, I suggest you stop reading now. To this end, the opening of Eataly in Ostiense’s old air terminal has endured its fair share of critics. I’m not one of them. Quite the opposite in fact, because after visiting tonight for the first time, you could say I’m one of

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Ethnic Food in Rome

I hail from Melbourne. Arguably one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It’s where ‘spoilt for choice’ in the diverse food department takes on new meaning. Ethnic food is obviously not the mainstream in Rome or anywhere in Italy for that matter. But in my opinion, it has come a long way in the past decade or so. I remember the first years I spent travelling in Italy,

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Rome Stuff for you

Through living in Rome, blogging and social media, I’ve met so many wonderful and interesting people. And some real authorities on the city who I turn to when I’m searching for that perfect restaurant, event or when I’m in need of some Roman inspiration. I get asked all the time for city tips so I thought I’d be ever so kind to share them with you… for fun or to

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Berlin: for the first – definitely not the last – time

This week I excitedly packed my bags and made the 1:45 hour trek from Rome to Berlin to spend a few days with my sister Lara and friend Tania who have just embarked on a 3 month tour of Europe. They are keeping a blog of their travels and in the spirit of story sharing, they are my guest bloggers for this post. All I have to say is that

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La Pajata – I am now truly Roman

One of my Roman friends kept telling me that my adoption by the city of Rome was just not complete until I tried an ancient delicacy of Roman cuisine – La Pajata. Well last night, ladies and gentlemen… I was baptised! And today it’s a whole new world. Oh and not only did I eat it, I had it in my own house, cooked by a Roman and pre-prepared by

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A Swim in the Lake and Melting Gelato: Summer is coming!

Here in the northern hemisphere, June 20 will mark the summer solstice. Sounds fancy, but it basically means the official start of summer. But it seems as though estate is already just about here in Rome. And this is how I can tell. Dip in the lake! With temperatures hitting 30 degrees (I only do celsius people!) this weekend, swimming was not only an option, it became a necessity! So

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Republic Day in Rome – a Reduced Affair in 2012

Today is a national public holiday in Italy and marks the 66th anniversary of the declaration of the Italian republic. But with the country in economic (moral, political & social!) turmoil, recent mafia related bombing in Brindisi in the south and a devestating earthquake rocking Emilia Romagna in the north, there really doesn’t feel much to celebrate today. To that end, planned annual celebrations here in Rome have been significantly

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