My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

March 2013

Easter in Abruzzo

For weeks now I’ve been telling friends in Rome that I was looking forward to coming to Abruzzo for Easter so I could feast on arrosticini (flame cooked lamb skewers) among other treats. At this very moment, I can’t wait to get back to Rome to detox! I arrived in town on Thursday night – I have been staying in Pratola Peligna but my parents were actually born in nearby

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Alberto Sordi and our beloved Rome

It’s hard to explain what Alberto Sordi means to Rome and the Romans. He had a coveted film career that spanned 7 decades but he represented to Rome, Italy and the world much much more than that. He was an icon. If you’ve ever been to Rome or you live here you will have seen the famous image of him eating spaghetti in the 1954 Un Americano a Roma (An

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Conclave made me a star

It’s not every day you’re in Rome and get to see a Pope resign, a Papal Conclave and a new Pope elected. Well that’s what I have been quoted saying in the three interviews I’ve conducted in Rome and Vatican City over the past couple of weeks. That’s right people. I am in demand by the foreign press here and it’s confirmed a feeling I’ve suppressed for a long time

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Last Angelus & Conclave

You may or may not be interested in the fact that there has been a sede vacante (vacant seat – basically no pope!) at the Vatican for a couple of weeks now. This has not really impacted my life one bit, but I appreciate that the first Pope to resign in centuries is of historic significance. Two weekends ago, Pope Benedict delivered his last Angelus in St Peter’s square and

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San Giovanni… It got me thinking!

I’ll admit that as a tourist to this city for over 10 years and having lived here now for almost 18 months, I’m a little embarrassed to say that I only recently walked into the church of Saint John the Lateran Saint – la Basilica di San Giovanni, for the first time. But as my fellow Rome blogger friend Browsing Rome pointed out, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about really.

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