My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

June 2013

Haus Garten – Rome’s New Bagel Bar

Last week Haus Garten opened in Rome’s Prati / Delle Vittorie area claiming to be one of the first ‘bagel bars’ in the city. I love trying a new place so I checked it out tonight with a friend. Located pretty much on the lungotevere (along the river) the atmosphere is fun and relaxed with a garden style theme, as the name suggests. Shabby-chic is what I think this style

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One day in Milan

Milan. Probably one of the most underrated and overlooked cities of Italy. Perhaps because it is known the world over for its origins in industry. In a sense, it is the commercial capital of Italy. The business centre. And granted, to an outsider that might not scream ‘sexy!’ But there’s just so much to like about it. Style. Fashion. Art. History. It has a cosmopolitan feel. It’s the most ‘rat-race’

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What happened to me? ESL – that’s what!

What happened to me? Of course I can speak English. Born and raised in Australia, I’m English mother-tongue. But being bilingual and living in a non-English speaking country has evidently presented me with some brain function problems. What happened to me? You may notice it in my writing (if you haven’t already), my grammar and manner of speaking. I get constantly told by a particular sibling who resides in Australia

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