My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

February 2014

Ponte Milvio: Food & Eternal Love in Rome

This weekend I spent twilight and an evening in an area of Rome I’m not all that familiar with. Ponte Milvio, just north of the city centre is right by the Stadio Olimpico (stadium where mostly soccer is played) and is quite the affluent little cul de sac . The area sits on the banks of the Tiber River and its centrepiece is the bridge Ponte Milvio (hence the name!),

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Co.So – Enter Rome Cocktail Heaven

I’ve just experienced one of Rome’s newest bars in Pigneto – Co.So: Cocktails and Social. It’s a Thursday night – a school night – and when it was time to go home, I really didn’t want to leave. And now I’m sitting here planning when to go back! Walking in, the first thing you see are some colourful bean bags that line the floor and a modern looking bar decked

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Rome Restaurants for Michelin Star Dining Week Announced

More than 40 restaurants have today been announced for a series of Michelin star dinners at restaurants across Italy as part of the Dining City Cene Stellate Week. The week will run from 21 to 30 March. Here are the three that will participate in Rome: Metamorfosi 1 Michelin Star Chef: Roy Caceres Cost: €55 www.metamorfosiroma.it Hotel Aldrovandi Palace 2 Michelin Stars Chef: Oliver Glowig Cost: €70 www.aldrovandi.com/en/13/welcome.aspx Pipero al

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La Dolce Vita: Spa & Wellbeing in Rome

I have been known to like a little pamper here and there and I do treat this vizio (habit) whenever possible here in Rome. Recently however my favourite Thai massage centre in Trastevere closed. It was cheap, convenient and the massages were divine. So I’ve been left in search of a new place. (If anyone knows of a good Thai massage place, please leave a note in the comments!) I’ve

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