My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

August 2014

Sardegna in 10 Instagram Pics

The only thing I’ve done since leaving Sardegna is think about how I’m going to get back there! This beautiful island region of Italy has it all. A rich culture and history, unique cuisine and stunning coastline that on just about every corner, rivals Caribbean waters… And their own language – not dialect, but language! – to boot! The region and its people are beyond fascinating to me and I

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5 Things Not to Miss in Corfu

To be perfectly honest, Corfu didn’t exactly feel ‘Greece’. If it’s white washed buildings hanging off breathtaking cliffs you’re after, then perhaps Santorini is for you. And if it’s partying and nightlife that tickles your fancy, Mykonos should be on your list. But the island has its own charm and Corfu Town particularly, is a beautiful example of a seaside, old walled town with winding alleys, tavernas and shops. It’s

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