My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

October 2014

Gelato in Rome

My gelato pics have been getting a bit of buzz on social media lately so thought I would share some of them on here with you all. I’m a dessert person (as many of you will know or have guessed) but gelato was never really my thing. Until I moved to Italy that is. I don’t really discriminate (well it has to be real deal gelato of course) but in

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A Love Story named Valeggio sul Mincio

Italian cuisine is so diverse from region to region. The characteristics which define these differences are based on agriculture, climate, economy and historical traditions. But one common thread is pride. Yes, from north to south, mainland to the islands, Italians are extremely proud of their cuisine. Their customs and food plays a fundamental role in socialising, community building and family. Oh and they’re a romantic bunch too! I guess you

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Is it all about “who you know’ in Italy?

Hey people! Here’s a post I wrote last week… I was debating publishing it. But decided I’d share some of Italy’s darker side (in a light way!). Choosing a city means putting up with the good and the bad. And thankfully for the most part, I see all the beauty and light even when there’s shadow. Anyway, here it is! Italians always say, “L’Italia è il paese delle raccomandazioni”. Which

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Samba and Sushi = Sambamaki in Rome

My first attempt at dining at Rome’s new Brazilian style Japanese cocktail and sushi bar, Sambamaki didn’t go too well. I headed over with a friend for a 10:30pm booking on a Monday night (US and Australian readers you read right) and we were impressed by the word go! By the funky venue, the look of the plates coming out of the kitchen (and the smell!) and the cocktails we

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