My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

June 2015

Italy beyond the big cities: Lazio’s Ciociaria is a true find

There’s a real problem with exploring Italy and all it has to offer. It’s the same problem I face in Rome. Getting to know it as a traveller over the course of 15 years and living here for 4 – there’s simply too much to see! I keep ticking things off my list and adding threefold as I go. It’s never-ending and this is what I love about it the

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Where to Cocktail in Rome 

I do love a cocktail. But I’m not a spritz girl and admittedly when you live in Italy this can make for some awkward moments at the bar.  But about a year ago, thanks to a friend, I discovered the Hugo. This cocktail, popular in north Italy has slowly (in true Italian style) made its way to Rome and more and more bars are starting to feature it on their

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Uncovering the Real Florence 

With millions of tourists each year, it’s hard to not bump into a couple here and there in old Firenze.  I’ve visited the city about half a dozen times over the past 15 years but recently, I experienced a very different Florence from the one that sits under the watchful eye of the Statue of David replica in Piazza della Signoria, the grand Duomo and Uffizzi Gallery.  Actually, getting to

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10 Tips on How To Survive the Milan World Expo

The Milan World Expo is a world fair that this year brings together over 140 nations to talk about food systems, innovation and nutrition. Each country showcases the very best of what they are doing in the food sector through cluster stands and unique, architecturally designed pavilions, aiming to promote the Expo theme of “Feed the Planet”. The overarching objective is to produce the “Milan Charter” – a roadmap if

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Social Eating: My Favourite Things – Social + Eating

Social. Foodie. Experiential travel. Local travel. These all seem to be buzz words of late. But what happens when you combine the lot? Something beautiful that’s been coined, social eating.  BonAppetour is a relatively new company that offers local and travelers a vehicle to connect. It’s easy really, if you’re traveling and looking for an opportunity to meet and engage with locals you can log on to their site and

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Ciociaria in Lazio: A Food lover’s Delight

When I was recently invited to visit Lazio’s Ciociaria region, everyone I mentioned it to in Rome said one and the same thing: You’re going to love the food. This area is located in the region’s south-east, around an hours drive from Rome in the province of Frosinone. Featuring quaint towns, medieval villages, sprawling green hills, the borders of Ciociaria are still up for discussion by the locals.  One thing

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