My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

September 2016

Why everyone in Rome thinks only they know where to eat 

This is not meant to be a cheeky post or one that offends, but just a collection of thoughts and some of my reflections of late. It’s just that recently I feel bombarded in Rome by commentary about ‘this place’ and ‘that place’ being the only good place to get x dish. And if it was only the commentary that’d be fine, but I’ve witnessed cases of public shaming too.What

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5 reasons to take a cooking class in Capri

As long summer days turn into cooler Autumn nights, I start to think about what I could be cooking on evenings spent at home. A few tricks and tips come to mind from my wonderful cooking experience on Capri a month ago.  Through my friend and Capri expert Gillian McGuire (check out her blog here), I met Holly and Gianluca of Ristorante Michel’Angelo. And because of them, had some of

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A guide to Cefalù in Sicily

I’ve never met a part of Sicily I didn’t like!  Every city, region and country has a stereotype. Some characteristics for which they are just synonymous with – truth or not. When many people think or hear Sicily, some words that come to mind include arancino, cannolo siciliano, grantita & brioche, beach, mafia. In some way or another, each of these hold some of truth in the eclectic dynamic of Sicily..

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5 years in Rome 

Last year I was interviewed by the lovely Enrica Barberis, an Italian journalism student at Rome’s John Cabot University. 5 years ago today, I moved to Rome and I couldn’t think of a more fitting post to mark the occasion. I hope you enjoy. Lots of love from Rome! Signing off from Trastevere Baci, Maria Going against the flow and feeling at home in Rome By Enrica Barberis Rome – Maria

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7 Things I love about Summer in Rome

As I walked home this week to Trastevere along the Lungotevere following an event on Tiber Island, I noticed the outdoor summer stands had been just about all packed up. It’s still stifling hot in Rome and the warm weather is far from over, but most Romans have taken their holidays and are back at work, the shops and restaurants that closed for an August break have reopened and schools

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