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Why Rome is the most instagrammable city (monuments aside!)

Very often I am asked what my favourite thing about Rome is. ‘Easy’, you think: the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon. Well yes of course, these are beyond spectacular and I love them all (not equally, but close enough!). But my answer is always, ‘the colours of Rome.’ Those ochre gold and worn orange walls. The magical light at golden hour, the blazing sky sunsets, the hanging green ivy and the charcoal grey of the sampietrini (cobblestones).

Rome is full of pretty streets, winding cobblestone alleys, Fiat500s or Vespas zooming by or parked against a lovely old backdrop and the quaintest corners and piazzas. Really, I play easy when I post photos of those world-famous monuments, but these are some of my favourite snapshots – the ones for me that capture the essence of the city; the portraits that have so much colour and life in them.

So be on the lookout for vintage shop signage, cute bars and streets scenes and take note of the colours and the walls. Look up, look down. Capture it all and take it in (oh and remember to also put the camera or phone down every now and then!)

Happy snapping when you’re in town and enjoy these little pieces of my Rome!

Signing off from Trastevere,

Baci Maria


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