My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

June 2018

Why it’s so important to visit Sarajevo

Sarajevo – I will leave a piece of my heart here. Its eclectic mix of faiths and cultures can be seen and heard on every corner. While we were in town, it was especially heartwarming to see families of all faiths living in harmony as the end of Ramadan was marked (Eid Mubarak). But I felt such an overwhelming sense of sadness during my time there as I saw first-hand

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15 photos that will convince you to visit Riga

Having travelled quite extensively through southern, western and Mediterranean Europe, this summer my sister and I decided to visit some Eastern European capitals. This part of the world has a rich and fascinating history that spans various wars and political upheaval – the impact of which can be felt today. From art nouveau to Russian cuisine to contemporary Latvian dining and rooftop cocktails. Passionfruit eclairs to colourful buildings to a

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Perpetual. Modern fine dining in the shadow of the Colosseum

You might think the Colosseum area is too touristy for a good meal. But the Celio and even Monti neighbourhoods have a great selection of casual and fine dining eateries and excellent bars – you just need to know where to look for them. Opened late in 2017, I hadn’t had a chance to try Perpetual. But I finally got around to it this week. Together with places like Spazio

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