My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

March 2020

I had plans this year too

I had plans this year.  Big ones. Like many people. My family was set to celebrate a milestone birthday and was planning to holiday together in Italy. I had returned to Rome just 6 weeks before, preparing to kick into rehab to manage the fallout from 8 surgical procedures in an 18 month period.  It felt like I blinked and I was then back on a plane leaving a lockdown

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What Italy in lockdown has already taught the world about humanity

60 million people in lockdown. Italians don’t have a reputation for forming queues. Nor are they a race you’d think would be ok with social distancing. Touching, hugging, kissing, socialising, togetherness. All defining characteristics of the Italian DNA. And yet here we are. 60 million people told to stay at home, go out for essentials and keep a metre distance from one another. No more passeggiata. No more morning coffee

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Dear World, Please don’t abandon us. Love, Italy

Dear World, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like I want to take a time out. Even just for a minute. From terms like coronavirus and missiles and forest fires and climate change. Not because any or all of these aren’t matters of importance but because sometimes what we need is a little calm and a whole lot of perspective. And what Italy needs right now is for

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