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7 Things I love about Summer in Rome

As I walked home this week to Trastevere along the Lungotevere following an event on Tiber Island, I noticed the outdoor summer stands had been just about all packed up. It’s still stifling hot in Rome and the warm weather is far from over, but most Romans have taken their holidays and are back at work, the shops and restaurants that closed for an August break have reopened and schools

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Alberto Sordi and our beloved Rome

It’s hard to explain what Alberto Sordi means to Rome and the Romans. He had a coveted film career that spanned 7 decades but he represented to Rome, Italy and the world much much more than that. He was an icon. If you’ve ever been to Rome or you live here you will have seen the famous image of him eating spaghetti in the 1954 Un Americano a Roma (An

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