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Italy beyond the big cities: Lazio’s Ciociaria is a true find

There’s a real problem with exploring Italy and all it has to offer. It’s the same problem I face in Rome. Getting to know it as a traveller over the course of 15 years and living here for 4 – there’s simply too much to see! I keep ticking things off my list and adding threefold as I go. It’s never-ending and this is what I love about it the

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Ciociaria in Lazio: A Food lover’s Delight

When I was recently invited to visit Lazio’s Ciociaria region, everyone I mentioned it to in Rome said one and the same thing: You’re going to love the food. This area is located in the region’s south-east, around an hours drive from Rome in the province of Frosinone. Featuring quaint towns, medieval villages, sprawling green hills, the borders of Ciociaria are still up for discussion by the locals.  One thing

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