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When a trattoria just won’t do. 15 contemporary dining spots in Rome

When you’ve had your fill of traditional roman style carbonara and oxtail (coda alla vaccinara), head to one of these outstanding contemporary dining establishments. The city really has taken a more cosmopolitan turn over the last 3-4 years and venues boasting stylish contemporary design coupled with innovative, creative and refreshing menus are on the up. Here are my pics for contemporary dining in Rome. 1) Retrobottega Stylish, creative, sleek and

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Where to find the best pizza in Rome

From pizza al taglio (by the slice) to the classic roman style to the latest installments of the gourmet type, Rome certainly isn’t short of options if you’re looking to feast on pizza. What you should also know is that there are a few ‘rules’ you should stick to when seated at a pizzeria in the eternal city. As I always say – when you’re on holiday, the main rule

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Where to try Japanese fusion dining in Rome

Cocktails, craft beer, ‘streetfood’ in all shapes and sizes, speakeasies, ramen and burgers – Rome has sure had its fair share of trends lately. Some great, others not so great. Another popular dining format is that of Japanese fusion. The city has seen Japanese / Brazilian chains Temakinho and SambaMaki and a whole host of spin offs over the last few years. If you’re not an informed Jap/Bra fan you’d

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Santo: Trastevere’s cool new Cocktail Bar & Bistrot

I always thought that the corner of Trastevere down the hill from Gianicolo, just off Piazza San Cosimato and right behind the basilica of Santa Maria was a bit of dead space. Not anymore.  You now turn on to this section of Via della Paglia and see Santo. Cocktail bar slash bistro, it’s the latest in stylish bars with a decent food offering to hit the Rome dining scene. The first

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Waraku & 6 other Japanese restaurants in Rome

Last week I had dinner in a yoga studio. As in, I didn’t go to yoga (I don’t do yoga!) and bring a sandwich in my backpack (I don’t really do backpacks either!).  I mean, I ate at Waraku – a Japanese cultural association that acts as a restaurant too and cooks up what is probably the most authentic cuisine outside of Tokyo on this side of the world.A couple

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The new food & restaurant openings in Rome you’ll want to try

Another week, another restaurant opening. The Rome food scene is forever changing and it’s getting harder all the time to keep your finger on the pulse. Here are 5 places that have opened this year. Mercato Centrale (Termini)  I wouldn’t be caught dead around Termini station at night. There I said it. It’s where I go to catch my train to leave Rome. There are a select few places in

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The three things I’d go back to Lecce for

Ok, so truth is, of course there are more than three.  It’s a beautiful, baroque-style architecture filled city in one of my favourite regions in Italy (for those of you who were about to leave my site for a quick Google search, I’m talking about Puglia). With a cool bar and restaurant scene, great shopping and strategically located to explore the broader region as you please, Lecce should be on

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Molo10: Seafood and beach clubbing in Rome

So I found a cure for Monday-itis and you should try it. It’s called: an 8 course seafood lunch at Rome’s Molo10. I swear, not only was I blown away by freshness and creativeness of the plates, the friendly attentiveness of the staff, the casual nautical boat house kinda beach club feel, but it put me in a top mood to face the rest of the week. If you’re not from

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Why everyone in Rome thinks only they know where to eat 

This is not meant to be a cheeky post or one that offends, but just a collection of thoughts and some of my reflections of late. It’s just that recently I feel bombarded in Rome by commentary about ‘this place’ and ‘that place’ being the only good place to get x dish. And if it was only the commentary that’d be fine, but I’ve witnessed cases of public shaming too.What

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15 Melbourne Dining Experiences

My first post for the year is not about Rome, but my home city, Melbourne. I had some outstanding dining experiences while I was in town – no surprises there, given it’s Australia’s culinary capital – and I wanted to share these 15 places to eat if you’re in town or headed there any time soon. From casual cafe style lunches to breakfasts (packed with avocado) to award-winning establishments, Melbourne

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