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Is it all about “who you know’ in Italy?

Hey people! Here’s a post I wrote last week… I was debating publishing it. But decided I’d share some of Italy’s darker side (in a light way!). Choosing a city means putting up with the good and the bad. And thankfully for the most part, I see all the beauty and light even when there’s shadow. Anyway, here it is! Italians always say, “L’Italia è il paese delle raccomandazioni”. Which

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You chose to live in Italy. Love it & own it!

“I am the first person to admit that life in Italy is not always a bed of roses. Or rather, it is a bed of roses, but someone neglected to remove the thorns. But this isn’t any old bed. It’s made of roses, after all, and they don’t make beds like that where you come from. And that’s why you laid down in it.” – My Village in Umbria I

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