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Rome gelato review: Gunther Rohregger’s creations

Like me, Gunther Rohregger is an adopted Roman! He moved here for love from northern Italy’s Alto Adige (a region still on my bucket list). He is a gelato chef. A chef because he creates and honours produce in an innovative way that really makes your palate come alive. Not all gelato in Rome is equal and this is real gelato (by the way, not ice cream!) with real ingredients.

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Where to eat in Rome’s Monti 

The centre of Rome is sectioned into 22 rioni (districts) of which Monti is number 1. Sitting in the shadow of the Colosseum, the name  Monti translates to hilltop and is derived from the fact that parts of the Esquiline, Viminal, Quirinal and Caelian Hills belonged historically to this area.  Because of its location, it boasts the most popular of Roman archeological sights – again, that little thing called the Colosseum, the

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Gelato in Rome

My gelato pics have been getting a bit of buzz on social media lately so thought I would share some of them on here with you all. I’m a dessert person (as many of you will know or have guessed) but gelato was never really my thing. Until I moved to Italy that is. I don’t really discriminate (well it has to be real deal gelato of course) but in

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Vogue Rome Fashion Night Out

Tonight I attended a very special event in Rome: the 2012 Vogue Fashion Night Out. (And with the roman, “Aooo bella’s” I received as I was on my way, I believe my look was up to scratch for the stylish occasion! :-)) Early in the evening the Spanish Steps turned into an open air catwalk with models showcasing the wares of internationally famous and up and coming fashion houses. The

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A Swim in the Lake and Melting Gelato: Summer is coming!

Here in the northern hemisphere, June 20 will mark the summer solstice. Sounds fancy, but it basically means the official start of summer. But it seems as though estate is already just about here in Rome. And this is how I can tell. Dip in the lake! With temperatures hitting 30 degrees (I only do celsius people!) this weekend, swimming was not only an option, it became a necessity! So

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More! You know you’re living in Italy when..

These lists usually have a little negative connotation or recount pure Italian absurdities… But here are some that just make me smile and bring me to a happy place 🙂 You can buy pizza by the slice (relatively cheaply) on just about every corner (and while all are not the best quality, even the mediocre pack a good punch) Gelato tastes like its been made by the gods. You can

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Eating Italy Food Tour

Now I’ve visited Rome as a tourist probably more than 20 times in my life… and now I live here. So why, you might ask, would I even consider doing a food tour of the city? Well a friend of mine here runs Eating Italy Food Tours and after reading the rave reviews he has received, quite simply, I had to see what all the fuss was about (oh and

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Eurochocolate 2011 – Perugia

I absolutely love a festival. I’ve been to food and wine festivals, street festivals, music festivals, I’ve even event managed a festival or two! For me, there is just something special about them. While not always immediately visible, a festival has a long lasting and profound social, economic and cultural impact on a city. It creates a sense of vibrancy and life; intangible but somewhat electric. And… they’re lots of

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