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Is it all about “who you know’ in Italy?

Hey people! Here’s a post I wrote last week… I was debating publishing it. But decided I’d share some of Italy’s darker side (in a light way!). Choosing a city means putting up with the good and the bad. And thankfully for the most part, I see all the beauty and light even when there’s shadow. Anyway, here it is! Italians always say, “L’Italia è il paese delle raccomandazioni”. Which

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Picture Perfect Puglia

I’ve been to south Puglia (Gallipoli, Salento area) and north Puglia (Vieste and Tremiti islands in Gargano area) so it was only fair that this year I give central Puglia a go! Polignano al Mare has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy and has recently become a household name after American soap opera Bold & the Beautiful (known as Beautiful in Italy) filmed a few episodes

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