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Arrivederci Roma 2019 (from Melbourne)

Call me cheesy. A dreamer. Nostalgic. But when those John Lennon notes of War is Over start hitting the airwaves, a big lump develops in my throat. “And so this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun.” Those loaded words – what have you done? They strike a chord. Something so seemingly unimportant as a song lyric and yet here we are.

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Arrivederci Roma 2018 (from Melbourne)

I can’t help but get nostalgic at this time of year. I’m sure I’m not alone. As the years pass and ‘another year older’ starts to set in, I feel this overwhelming sense of melancholy engulf me. Because somehow, some way, I sometimes wish I could make life stand still. Especially during the good moments, the happy ones, the ones where you want to pinch yourself. Christmas and the year’s end

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Arrivederci Roma 2015

2015. Another year in Rome said and done for me. As I sat down to write this post, like always, I felt a wave of emotion. It’s always sad to say goodbye to my adopted city, but what awaits in Melbourne very much outweighs the melancholy. It’s been a trying few months for me in Rome with some (not serious) health issues and a grueling work and travel schedule. So

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4 years in Rome. Has living here changed me?

This week I celebrated my 4 year Rome anniversary.  These are the moments in life, the milestones, if you like, where you stop for a minute and reflect. Rome has changed me. Depending on perspective, in a very positive way. Yes, change is a part of life. As people, we constantly change, we grow, we evolve. Still, when family or friends back home jokingly say to me, “You’ve changed!” or

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3 Years in Rome

It’s just about 3 years to the day that I moved to Rome people! And what a ride it’s been! In this short time, I have met so many amazing people, made genuine friendships and worked extremely hard to establish myself in a field I am passionate about. Deciding to move to another country isn’t just something you wake up and decide. In fact it took me years. It takes

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20 Reasons You Know You’re Living in Rome

(But wouldn’t change it for the world!) 1. You walk in to a shop and upon hearing only English speaking tourists, shout over them in Italian to get served before them. 2. You buy your cheese from a cheese shop and a cheese shop only. 3. No seat on a toilet bowl doesn’t surprise you. 4. In fact seeing a seat on a toilet bowl is what surprises you! 5.

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You chose to live in Italy. Love it & own it!

“I am the first person to admit that life in Italy is not always a bed of roses. Or rather, it is a bed of roses, but someone neglected to remove the thorns. But this isn’t any old bed. It’s made of roses, after all, and they don’t make beds like that where you come from. And that’s why you laid down in it.” – My Village in Umbria I

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Complaining: Is it the Italian national sport?

I got back to Rome a couple of weeks ago and have finally settled back into my routine. I find myself to be a little raw, prone to analysis and philosophising of the world around me after having been out of the country for almost 2 months. Now it’s widely known that the Italian psyche is all about “La bella figura“. Translated literally, it means “the beautiful figure” but interpreted

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La Dolce Vita – One Year On!

A year ago today I was adopted by Rome… I moved into my Trastevere apartment with one suitcase. I’ve since negotiated rental agreements, made so many friends, started and continued my blog (which I am proud to report has over 2000 followers now – not bad for an initial ‘keep my family and friends posted site!) and am working in the field of food tourism – my absolute passion! (cheap

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