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Ponza: Italy’s Best Kept Secret

My answer to the question, ‘What is Italy’s best kept secret?’, changes kind of often. Yes, I’m fortunate enough to know Italy quite well and have traveled extensively across the country over the past 15 years. I’ve seen many a beach, mountain, lake, UNESCO heritage site, church, monument and island. But then came, Ponza. One of the Pontine Islands, Ponza is located off the Lazio coast, just a 1-1.5 hour

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HeartRome hits the Beach

It’s that time of year again. HeartRome is heading to the beach! My sister is joining me from Australia in a couple of days and the end of this month signals my August holidays. To say I’m excited to see her, to be having a long earned break and to be exploring new places would be a gross understatement. My 2014 August break will go a little something like this:

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