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15 photos that will convince you to visit Riga

Having travelled quite extensively through southern, western and Mediterranean Europe, this summer my sister and I decided to visit some Eastern European capitals. This part of the world has a rich and fascinating history that spans various wars and political upheaval – the impact of which can be felt today. From art nouveau to Russian cuisine to contemporary Latvian dining and rooftop cocktails. Passionfruit eclairs to colourful buildings to a

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The 5 best spas in Rome

By now you would’ve guessed I’m quite partial to a spa day! I’ve been fortunate enough to have massages, body treatments and facials in some of the best day spas in the world from New York to Melbourne, in the thermal springs of Bath, at a beach spa in San Sebastián, Turkish hamam on the western coast of Turkey to Dubai and Hong Kong. If I have a few free

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La Dolce Vita: Spa & Wellbeing in Rome

I have been known to like a little pamper here and there and I do treat this vizio (habit) whenever possible here in Rome. Recently however my favourite Thai massage centre in Trastevere closed. It was cheap, convenient and the massages were divine. So I’ve been left in search of a new place. (If anyone knows of a good Thai massage place, please leave a note in the comments!) I’ve

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