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HeartRome on TV

Many many years ago in Melbourne, an astrologer told me he saw my name in the stars. He said, “I see your name up in lights.” However ridiculous it sounded at the time, it has, in a sense – and more than a decade later – come true. On Friday night, the Rome episode of Dubai-produced social travel series Peeta Planet aired across the Middle East to about 50 million

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HeartRome Makes its TV Debut

I probably would have incredulously laughed out loud if me today spoke to me 3 years ago and said, “You will move to Rome, start a blog, write about food and travel and have said blog featured on an award winning TV program”. Yet, it’s all true. 2 years and 6 months after having left my life, family, friends and career in Melbourne, Australia, I am having one of those

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