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Agrigento: Where the very best of the Mediterranean collides

What’s not to love about Sicily? Throughout history, the largest island in the Mediterranean has been ruled by the Romans, the Greeks, the Arabs, the list goes on. It’s no wonder the place is an eclectic mix of cultures and this influence can not only be seen in its architecture, but tasted in its rich, diverse cuisine and felt in its truly unique identity. While the cities of Palermo and

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Happy Birthday Roma!

I just found out that it’s a little someone’s birthday this weekend! On Saturday 21 April Rome celebrates her 2,765th Birthday and the occasion will be marked in various ways across the city. I guess Rome and I have a few things I’m common (beauty of course being the obvious you say 🙂 No, thats not it). We both mark our birthdays this month and therefore share the same zodiac

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