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Women, the Rome food sector and the new Pianostrada (Pianoalto)

Lately it gives me great pleasure talking to people – foreigners, visitors, experts, friends – about the roman food scene. You’ve always been able to eat well in this city. But lately it’s taken some turns and with a nod to cities like New York and London, it would seem that Rome is becoming more international than ever. Rooftop bars, quality hotel dining, fusion cuisine, contemporary design fit outs, cutting

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Rome Rooftops – La Grande Bellezza: Hotel Eitch Borromini and More

Until recently, views from above from Piazza Navona could only be taken in from private residences or special palazzo viewings in the area. Then came the Eitch Borromini Hotel. It’s located on the street parallel to the western side of Piazza Navona. The restaurant on the 4th floor has breathtaking views but the food is (not bad, but) nothing to write home about (well at least that was the case

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