15 photos that will convince you to visit Riga

Having travelled quite extensively through southern, western and Mediterranean Europe, this summer my sister and I decided to visit some Eastern European capitals. This part of the world has a rich and fascinating history that spans various wars and political upheaval – the impact of which can be felt today.

From art nouveau to Russian cuisine to contemporary Latvian dining and rooftop cocktails. Passionfruit eclairs to colourful buildings to a walk through the central market, this is what a few days in Riga looks like!

Boutique hotels like the Grand Poet Semarah

Upscale day spas like this one at the Riga Kempinski Hotel

Pastries galore at the Riga Central Market

Like these meat filled beauties

Pretty architecture that peaks out of every corner Russian cuisine is very popular in Riga

If vodka is you’re thing, Eastern Europe will be your jam!

The Fat Cafe that serves up dozens of types of eclairs

The coolest cafes that look like this The 14th Century House of the Blackheads monument

The colourful streets are fairytale like

The three oldest buildings in all of Latvia are in Riga at 17, 19, 21 Maza Pils Street (iela) and called ‘The Three Brothers’Contemporary Latvian dining at Vincent’sArt nouveau architecture can be seen throughout and especially on Albert Street

Rooftop cocktails at Riga Terrace (Terrace d’Arte)

Signing off from Trastevere

Baci, Maria

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