Why it’s so important to visit Sarajevo

Sarajevo – I will leave a piece of my heart here. Its eclectic mix of faiths and cultures can be seen and heard on every corner.

While we were in town, it was especially heartwarming to see families of all faiths living in harmony as the end of Ramadan was marked (Eid Mubarak). But I felt such an overwhelming sense of sadness during my time there as I saw first-hand the impact and devastation of the Bosnian War – from a genocide exhibition (showcasing powerful images including this one from the 1993 Miss Sarajevo beauty pageant protest) to the prominent shrapnel holes in buildings.

It’s all quite confronting and especially because this is our very recent history and one which seems to be repeating over and over. During the war period approximately 200,000 civilians were killed and hundreds and thousands more injured and displaced.

But if not for anything, I think examples of life and resilience like Sarajevo are so important.

And so I say to the entire travel community, if you get the chance – you must come here. Each and every one of you. Or at least learn about what happened. So that perhaps through cultural exchange, experience and dialogue, the world can learn from the atrocities and injustices of the past.

The history, the lessons, the food and cultural mix make it a wonderful and truly enriching travel destination.

Quick tips:

Stay | Hotel Sana | Website

Eat | Burek at the Bosna Bakery | Bravadžiluk 11, Sarajevo (old town)

See | Srebrenica genocide permanent exhibition | Galerija 11/07/95 Website

See | Museum of Crimes against Humanity and Genocide | Website

Signing off from Trastevere,

Baci Maria

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