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4 years in Rome. Has living here changed me?

This week I celebrated my 4 year Rome anniversary.  These are the moments in life, the milestones, if you like, where you stop for a minute and reflect. Rome has changed me. Depending on perspective, in a very positive way. Yes, change is a part of life. As people, we constantly change, we grow, we evolve. Still, when family or friends back home jokingly say to me, “You’ve changed!” or

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What happened to me? ESL – that’s what!

What happened to me? Of course I can speak English. Born and raised in Australia, I’m English mother-tongue. But being bilingual and living in a non-English speaking country has evidently presented me with some brain function problems. What happened to me? You may notice it in my writing (if you haven’t already), my grammar and manner of speaking. I get constantly told by a particular sibling who resides in Australia

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