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Exploring the Aventine

I’ve said it many times – and I’m sure those of you who have been to or know Rome will agree – there are so many things to see and do that sometimes it all just gets a little overwhelming. Call me crazy, but sometimes I worry that my growing list of places to explore will never end! But then again, that’s the true beauty of living here. It’s new

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My European Summer in a Nutshell

Please please please dont think I’ve been ignoring you.. I’ve had one of the most frenetic but fun filled summers of my life! As you know, my entire family from Australia came to visit me in my new home town this year and I got to travel with them for a few weeks. I’m truly blessed for this opportunity. It’s not everyday that this happens and I know that years

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An August of Italian Islands

I just got back from two amazing weeks in Greece and Turkey. I had been to both before but it’s always great going back to a destination years later and having new experiences. In Turkey our group did a Turkish Gulet (traditional wooden boat) cruise around the Aegean coast from Fethiye, spent a weekend in Bodrum and then 4 days in Istanbul. You would have read my Santorini tales and

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