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Why everyone in Rome thinks only they know where to eat 

This is not meant to be a cheeky post or one that offends, but just a collection of thoughts and some of my reflections of late. It’s just that recently I feel bombarded in Rome by commentary about ‘this place’ and ‘that place’ being the only good place to get x dish. And if it was only the commentary that’d be fine, but I’ve witnessed cases of public shaming too.What

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HeartRome Turns 3

Today on the 3rd anniversary of HeartRome, I smile, my heart is happy and I reflect. On what I have achieved with this blog. What it means and what it has taught me. It’s actually really hard to articulate what HeartRome means to me. In essence, it has become a part of me. An extension of me and my life. It has been the catalyst for so many amazing things

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