HeartRome Turns 3

Today on the 3rd anniversary of HeartRome, I smile, my heart is happy and I reflect.

On what I have achieved with this blog. What it means and what it has taught me.

It’s actually really hard to articulate what HeartRome means to me.

In essence, it has become a part of me. An extension of me and my life.

It has been the catalyst for so many amazing things that have happened since I moved to Rome and importantly, has helped launch me into a career I never imagined.


Here are a few things blogging has taught me:

^Hard work pays off
^If you nurture what you love, you can enjoy the profound satisfaction of watching it grow
^I love Rome and still do after 3 years
^Writers block isn’t a myth
^Thinking you’ll write a ‘quick’ post at 1am before you go to bed, always means you’ll still be trying to format photos at 3:45am
^Being authentic is what readers enjoy the most
^Passion can fuel many things
^Blogging and social media can give you a voice and have potential beyond measure


And here’s a little roundup of what 3 years of HeartRome looks like:

^HeartRome is now being read in over 120 countries and has a blog and social media following of over 4,000.

^As a blogger I was this year nominated as one of the top travelers to follow on social media in 2014.

^In October I will participate in Travel Blogger Destination Italy Conference (TBDI) in Rimini as a top hosted blogger and have been selected for a special blog trip through Verona, Mantua and Lake Garda

^HeartRome has featured or been the launchpad for me to be featured in:

USA Today Travel
10 Best, USA Today
EasyJet Blog
Browsing Rome
Browsing Italy
Travels of Adam
Eating Italy Food Tours
Wanted in Rome
Peeta Planet Blog

^I was also featured on TV with the Rome episodes of Peeta Planet Social Travel (on air across the Middle East for Dubai One) and Food Paradise (on air across North America for the Travel Network – airing soon!)

^HeartRome was the premier Rome blog to follow in the 2014 Rome Rough Guide


So, thank you and love to each and every one of you who has subscribed by email, read a post, left a comment, shared a photo on Facebook, retweeted or liked a picture on Instagram. Each single interaction has helped me grow HeartRome and I will be forever grateful.

I leave you with these beautiful words written about me in a recent profile:
“This incredibly evocative blog details a lifetime ambition being fulfilled and makes you realise how achievable your ambitions are with a little courage.”ChilliSauce Blog

Happy 3 years HeartRome! Hip hip hooray!

Signing off from Trastevere,
Baci Maria

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