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A Quick Guide on where to eat, drink & be happy in Rome’s Testaccio

Touted the “heart of Rome” when Romans talk about food (and they do a lot!), Testaccio is a gentrified, old working-class neighbourhood situated literally just outside of the historical centre. Located on the banks of the Tiber, right by what was Rome’s Port of the Ripa Grande, it’s no accident that this quartiere knows how to eat. Historically, this is where much of the food used to arrive into town

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Romeo&Giulietta: Rome’s biggest restaurant set to open 

Rome’s most famous female chef (the only female chef in the city with a Michelin star under her belt), Cristina Bowerman is about to open the biggest restaurant this town has ever seen. And gourmands and the local food and wine sector are watching closely and waiting! In mid-March, Romeo&Giulietta is set to put on a real show at what was formerly an abandoned warehouse in Testaccio’s Piazza dell’Emporio. Together

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Where to stay in Rome

While the centre of Rome isn’t as expansive as say a city like Paris or London, there are quite a few different areas and districts to choose from when planning your visit. In Rome, we call these districts or neighbourhoods, quartieri and there are 20 of them. To make it easy for you, I’ve outlined a select few areas of the city with a description to help you decide what

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Stazione di Posta: Where Rome’s Old and New Meld into One

Have you ever eaten in an old slaughterhouse? Well I did recently! And not just any old slaughterhouse. The ex-mattatoio in Testaccio site now houses the MACRO museum, the Citta dell’altra Economia and a Michelin star restaurant and is a place which played a most significant role in the birth of roman cuisine (read more about this in my post about cucina romana).   Stazione di Posta, the brainchild of young roman

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My 10 Best Places for Pizza in Rome

Not all pizza is equal. And in Rome there certainly ain’t no shortage of places to eat one!  From the pizzeria to small pizza al taglio joints, options are plentiful. From Roman pizza (the paper thin, almost charred version) to Neapolitan (the one with a thicker crust), to the best marinara slice I’ve ever tasted – in my life – here are my 10 favourites. And if you want to keep

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Exploring the Aventine

I’ve said it many times – and I’m sure those of you who have been to or know Rome will agree – there are so many things to see and do that sometimes it all just gets a little overwhelming. Call me crazy, but sometimes I worry that my growing list of places to explore will never end! But then again, that’s the true beauty of living here. It’s new

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La Pajata – I am now truly Roman

One of my Roman friends kept telling me that my adoption by the city of Rome was just not complete until I tried an ancient delicacy of Roman cuisine – La Pajata. Well last night, ladies and gentlemen… I was baptised! And today it’s a whole new world. Oh and not only did I eat it, I had it in my own house, cooked by a Roman and pre-prepared by

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Carbonara means Rome

In my (food obsessed) opinion, telling someone that they must eat una carbonara in Rome at least once in their life is as natural as telling them that they have to visit the Eiffel Tower when in Paris, Big Ben in London or Statue of Liberty in New York city! For your visit to Rome, it’s just a must do alongside your list of tourist attractions like the Colloseum, Roman

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Rome Markets: My Top 5 Picks

Nothing screams life more than visiting a market in Rome! Lively and colorful I love walking through a mercato in Rome and getting lost in the sights, smells and sounds. They provide a snapshot into the life of local Roman traders. In fact, nothing is more entertaining than watching the sometimes explosive interaction between stall holders, butchers or fish mongers (all in a tirade of beautiful Roman dialect or Romanaccio)

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Eating Italy Food Tour

Now I’ve visited Rome as a tourist probably more than 20 times in my life… and now I live here. So why, you might ask, would I even consider doing a food tour of the city? Well a friend of mine here runs Eating Italy Food Tours and after reading the rave reviews he has received, quite simply, I had to see what all the fuss was about (oh and

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