My 10 Best Places for Pizza in Rome

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Not all pizza is equal. And in Rome there certainly ain’t no shortage of places to eat one! 

From the pizzeria to small pizza al taglio joints, options are plentiful. From Roman pizza (the paper thin, almost charred version) to Neapolitan (the one with a thicker crust), to the best marinara slice I’ve ever tasted – in my life – here are my 10 favourites.

And if you want to keep up with the locals, remember to order fritti as a starter – from supplì (the roman rice ball snack) to fillets of baccalà (salt cod) to fiori di zucca (zucchini flowers stuffed with an anchovy and mozzarella) and beer or a fizzy drink to wash it down. Pizza night is not usually the night for wine. When in Rome as they say..

{In no particular order}

Ai Marmi (Trastevere)

A Trastevere (and Roman) institution, the real name of this bustling pizzeria is Pannatoni but locals know it a L’Orbitorio (the morgue) or AI Marmi (marble table tops) in reference to the long marble tables. I love the old school lit-up menu sign and while I believe the pizza quality has slightly (just!) gone down, I maintain they make some of the best fritti in town! Especially baccalà. There is always a line (which moves fairly quickly) and be prepared to sit elbow-to-elbow.  

Da Remo (Testaccio)

If all the staff weren’t Laziali (fans of Roma’s arch rival team, Lazio!), I would say this is my favourite pizzeria in Rome. Many Romans agree! The pizza is perfectly roman: thin, charred and not a perfect round and I come here for the Margherita. Located in the foodie hub of Testaccio, the clientele at Da Remo is mainly local.   

I Supplì (Trastevere)

Years ago I found out that marinara in Italy doesn’t mean seafood like it does in Australia. Instead it’s a typical Neapolitan pizza sigh tomato sauce, olive oil, oregano and garlic. My local hole-in-the-wall takeaway joint makes the best one I’ve ever had. Ever. No I mean ever. Most of my Roman friends agree too! Here at any time to day you’re bound to find anywhere between 3-6 different types of pizza that you can buy weight. Some of my favourite are porcini mushroom, pizza bianca (focaccia style) and zucchini with stracciatella (similar to burrata). As their name suggests, they’re also famous for supplì. 

Da Ivo (Trastevere)

The pizza at Da Ivo is roman style and to be perfectly honest, I come here for the cacio e pepe (pecorino cheese and pepper) supplì – not that the pizza isn’t good. The great thing about Da Ivo is that you can book and this isn’t common for pizzerie in Trastevere, which is great if you’re going with a group.    

Emma (Centre: Largo Argentina / Pantheon)

Finding a quality pizzeria and trattoria in the heart of the Campo de Fiori area ain’t easy. This new Roscioli (one of the most prominent bakers & restrauteurs in Rome) venture is delicious. Not just pizzas, they offer a full menu too. The zucchini flowers are fried to perfection as are the supplì and they make a mean amatriciana. A really large dining room, outdoor area and the fact they take bookings is a city centre dream come true.   

Pinsere (Centre: Repubblica / Termini)

Not many people know that the pinsere is also a traditional roman pizza style. Round and thicker than the other type or sometimes oval in shape, they’re a great little alternative – especially here! This place gets oacked at lunch and the crowd spills out on to the street. A variety of fresh and seasonal toooubgs, you can eat a whole one (or more!) to yourself. It’s like a round pizza by the slow if you like!   

La Boccaccia (Trastevere)

Recently named on a few best pizza a taglio lists in Rome, I’ve been grabbing slices here for years. While you’ll always find the classics on display, some newer flavor convinations are the real highlight here. They change daily and reflect seasonal produce – as it should be!   

La Gatta Mangiona (Monteverde)

Only a 10 minute tram ride from Trastevere, you’re not likely to bump into tourists here. Your classic neigbourhood pizzeria, La Gatta Mangiona rarely disappoints. And if you tell your waiter you’re sharing, they’ll cut and divide your pizzas for you!   

Pizzarium (Cipro) {Via Della Meloria 43}

Gabriele Bonci is Rome’s equivalent to a celebrity chef. He has been referred to the Michelangelo of pizza and deserves every accolade. His pizza by the slice is heavenly. Inventive and moth watering, his tiny place but far from the Vatican just underwent a refurb but I haven’t had a chance to check it out. Watch this space! 

Il Cuore di Napoli (Centre: Repubblica / Termini)

If charred paper thin roman pizza isn’t your style but the thick lip delicious Neapolitan is, this is the place for you. My friends have taken Neapolitans here who say the pizza is just as (ok well it’s never going to be as good as Naples in Rome) good as in Naples. Knit just a pizzeria but Neapolitan and Campano cuisine too!  

Signing off from Trastevere,

Baci, Maria

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