Sicilian Wine and the Small Businesses that Make Italy Tick 

All businesses have their place in their world, but small businesses are the ones I love the most. The ones that are family-run, by passionate people who are committed to producing and selling quality products in a responsible way. And after years, still love what they do!

Pietro Morreale is in his 60s and has been running Casa Vinicola Morreale in the Province of Agrigento, in south-west Sicily for around 11 years. It’s a small vineyard and cellar door which produces and sells the classic Sicilian red Nero d’Avola, white varieties including Chardonnay, Trebbiano and Grillo and a rosè.     At least 80% of Pietro’s wine are produced using organic methods and for instance, instead of using regular chemical fertilizers, he fertilizes his soil with small beans (favine). He spends 3 hours a day, for 10 days straight just working the grapes to make the famed Nero d’Avola and says, “I never buy grapes from people I don’t trust.”

Casa Vinicola Morreale is currently selling its labels around Italy and Pietro’s love and commitment to quality winemaking is the key to their success. He exudes passion and says his motto is, “If I decide to do something in life, it’s gotta be done well or not at all.”     

 On appointment, you can visit the Morreale winery for wine tastings and tasting plates. Visit their website for contact details.

These are the small businesses that make Sicily and Italy, tick. 

Signing off from Trastevere 

Baci Maria 

Acknowledgements: My recent trip to Sicily was sponsored as part of a collaborative project between the European Union, Slow Tourism Italy (and their online publication Il Daily Slow) and the Regione Sicilia. The project is entitled PROAGRI and the mission is to promote rural tourism in Sicily. On the ground they work with local agencies ENDAS, Sicilyling, Didactic Educational Services (DES) and Stepim. Follow #sicilying on social media for more pics, tips and stories.

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